There are many reasons to financially support the initLab organization: you can become a member, you can enroll a course, or just to help in developing the environment and support the initiative.

As well with cash, your Phoenician help could be taken by the following bank account:

Account Owner: init Lab
Bank: Unicredit Bulbank
IBAN: BG74UNCR70001523085075

In the same manner you can pay your membership fee. In this case, please don’t forget to include the month for which you are paying.

Thank you! :)


Donation (one-time or montly) using PayPal:


Donation using Patreon:


Become a sponsor!

You really want to help this cool initiative concerning young and active people?

How can you do it and what you’ll get in return?

Contact us and tell us about your intention and we’ll list the things we need at the moment. initLab constantly needs various things like hardware, furniture or something more specific, something more expensive or rather cheap. As long as you’re willing to, your help would be received and greatly appreciated.

What do you get in return?

  1. Firstly, it’s the great satisfaction you’ll receive by helping a noble cause.
  2. We’ll advertise you! We have a 140 square metres apartment and currently all the walls are empty. Give us marketing materials and your logo will adorn the rooms at initLab. There’s a possibility to brand the furniture/hardware which you’ve bought with your company’s logo.
  3. We’ll spread the word about your good work. initLab is quite popular on the Internet, we have many followers of the organization’s site, as well as of our Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  4. Word of mouth. There are many courses at initLab and people talk about good acts. Help us with something and we’ll make sure everyone who uses the items you gave to us know from who are they.
  5. We’ll advertise you on conferences. We present initLab at conferences and we never forget to mention our sponsors.

You can contact us about this at: spon­sors @

What do we need?

These are the things we need at the moment. The links are just for reference. If you’ve got something else on your mind in that direction, we’re always open to offers.