As we all know, init Lab is a hackerspace. This means, that from time to time working conditions can be chaotic, noisy and often unpredictable. For those of you that wish to use the Lab as a more permanent working place and obtain the status of “protected species”, we offer Coworking, aka special work privileges. Before the Lab moved, this was possible at our Work Reservation this is where the name ‘protected species’ comes from.

Coworking in init Lab v3.0

If you wish to become a ‘protected species’ in init Lab, we offer access to the system for locking and unlocking init lab so that you can have a 24/7 access without having to worry if there are other people that can let you in.


  • fixed work space, 128 bgn/month (64 Eur/month) – up to 4 persons in the Work Room, guaranteed work space and a personal desk;
  • flexible work space, 64 bgn/month (32 Eur/month) – up to 8 persons with priority to choose a work space, no personal desk. They can use the Recording Studio if it is available.

The prices listed above include a monthly membership fee for the Lab – 30 bgn/month (15 eur/month). If you wish to become a member without also being a ‘protected species’, you can request it via this form.

How do I become a part of the Co-working?

If you already are a member of the Lab, you can send a mail to If you are not a member, you can request it via this form, where you can specify that you wish to become a ‘protected species’.

What does it cost to rent a venue for educational purposes?

The rent for conducting a private lesson in the Ruby Room (it has a whiteboard, projector and air-condition unit) is 10 bgn/hour (5 eur/hour) and 20 bgn (10 eur/hour) for a group session respectively. For the Lecture Hall the rent it 50 bgn/hour (25 eur/hour).